Bell's Security Inc. as originally known as "Bell's Hardware" and was founded in 1929 by Robert (Bob) Bell, Jr. Bob Bell was also one of the original founders of "The Master Locksmith Association of New Jersey".

In 1964 Richard Middleton started working for Bell's Hardware while taking locksmith courses.

In 1965 Richard started his mobile business called "Hillside Lockshop", he was the exclusive out-side serviceman for Bell's Hardware.

In 1969, Richard Middleton and Donald Meyer purchased Bell's Hardware. The company was renamed "Bell's Security Sales & Service, Inc.". The business became a wholesale and retail locksmith and door hardware supply store with road service locksmiths.

In 1978 Richard Middleton purchased the wholesale and retail portion of Bell's Security Sales & Service, Inc. which was then renamed "Bell's Security Sales, Inc." (Bell's). Since then, Bell's has been a certified wholesale distributor for approximately 100 manufacturers nationwide.

The first location for Bell's Hardware was at 411 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. In September 2000, Bell's moved its location to 426 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. This move doubled the warehouse and show room size.

Richard Middleton passed away in September, 1990. Richard's wife, Magdalena (Dale) Middleton and son, Richard (Rick) Middleton II continue to run the business.